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  This pages lists multiple complete home businesses
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To make money online you must have the tools and knowledge that
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Let us help you create and build your successful Home Business
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Simple Simple Setup


Step 1 Grab your Free Replicator 
Replicator provided by
Team Elite Home Businesses

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Replicator Comes with:

Gold Membership at TeamEliteHomeBusiness
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10% on levels 2 through 5
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Unlimited Emails
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Step 2 - Join the Downliner FREE

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Generate up to 24,000 visitors per month just
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that is linked to over 8000 traffic resources.

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The ONLY system on the internet that GUARANTEES every view you get is unique!*

The ONLY system with its own Community Downline Builder where YOU decide what we list!

Summary of Special Offer #1 
Upgrade at the Downliner to Go Getter Monthly
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You will receive:

 Gold Membership at TeamEliteHomeBusiness 
 Pays 30% on level one
 10% on levels 2 through 5
 Unlimited Leads Storage
 Unlimited Emails
 Create unlimited lead capture pages
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Lead Capture pages and messages are setup ready to go
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Step 3 1022 more visitors every 3 days
Join TrafficAdBar FREE NOW and get 100,000 FREE advertising points
TrafficAdBAr has built in link cloaker
Plus each time your adbar is shown you 
get 3 advertising points.

Remember I will show you how to setup your url links at TrafficAdBAr 
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Step 4 Get placed in Referral Pool
Login to your Downliner Account (Step1)
Click on the Exclusive Downliner CS Machine lnk.
Enter your Clixsense username and ID from Referral Pool Link (Step 3)
Click Submit
Support at The Downliner will place you in the referral pool.

Get placed in Referral Pool
Quick Start Summary:
Finally,  one url link that will get you leads and sales in these 4 sites

Step 1Team Elite Home Businesses
Step 2 The Downliner

Step 3 Clixsense
Step 4 Traffic Ad Bar
Everything will be furnished and setup on complete autopilot.
Best Part is once you get signed up for the QuickStart Steps, I will send you complete easy peasy how to instructions on how to begin.

How Team Elite Home Businesses works

Simple and Easy Setup

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How the supernet works
add your username and user ids
using multiple streams of income
where to find hundreds of linked lead capture pages
where and how to create your own lead capture pages
Affiliate Programs discussion
Step 1: When you click any link you will be taken to your sponsor's link 
since this is the page for you to join under your Sponsor. 

Step 2:  Browse the list below by scrolling all the way down 
make note of username or user ID of the sites you join
and also the sites that you are an existing member.

Each site on this page has a complete customized funnel created just for it.
Plus has compelling lead capture pages fully editable
Plus Autoresponder messages are ready to go
And our Broadcaster is also Available

 Step 3: Click on My Personal info Tab at your Dashboard
on the top left and enter your Username or UserID  in the space provided
for each of the sites that you have joined or are a member of.

Click on the question mark for details when to add Username or UserID

After you have added your username/userIDs,
 your Referrals will see your links on this page and join under you.

Next!  Prefer to Promote your site?
This video below is for you to use if you want to 
promote any site not listed in Step 3 
1. Create Lead Capture pages
2. Create Autoresponder Messages
3. Link and go
The process of promoting any url or site is simple as one two three
using all the free tools right here at TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom.
First you will create dazzling lead capture pages,
Next you will create autoresponse messages or copy them from your resource,

and finally you will link the lead capture pages to the messages add your redirect url and go.
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Pick from four Complete Home Businesses

#1. TeamEliteHomeBusinesses 

Do this First - If you are not a member of
Click here to create free Business Hub account
at TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom

View our benefits of membership

Complete Home Business
#3. George and Sandi's  Worldprofit

2,514,666 Members - #1 Home Business Systems
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Want to learn how to market online?
Need Traffic, Leads, Income?
George Kosch and Sandi Hunter are the two that taught me how to market online.
When they took control of Worldprofitdotcom recently I went back to marketing there with a lot of gusto and the results have been excellent.

We will provide you will an array of tools for all your marketing needs.

>>> Work From Home >>>
Includes Affiliate Promotion Training Program FREE

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Complete FREE Home Business
#3. Gorilla Marketing

Watch this video

You’ll NEVER Have To Come Back And Say,

“My Traffic is Pitiful!”

Complete FREE Home Business
#4. SFI

SFI - Strong Future
SFI is probably the best place for newbies to start the learning process. The available information at SFI is unrivaled.

Yesterday alone,
2,414 people from 137 different countries became affiliates.
Watch this video

Since 1998, we’ve shown over 15 MILLION men and women,
in more than 190 countries worldwide,
how to create a 24/7 income stream! 

Create a FREE account at SFI and build a second income


8 Top Traffic Sources
These 8 Traffic Sources potential = 100,000 visitors per month. 
#1. The Downliner
Expose your link

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Do you want your site shown on thousands traffic sites?
One text ad generates on average 130 visitors per month I run 100 text ads
I get about 24000 visitors per month from this site.

To date we have generated 47,591,818 real views to our members sites and
blocked 3,298,892 bad sources of traffic to increase your productivity!

Unlike any other traffic generation system you can even post
to without using your Social Account!

The ONLY system on the internet that GUARANTEES every view you get is unique!*

The ONLY system with its own Community Downline Builder where YOU decide what we list!

SPECIAL OFFER Join the Downliner take the Go Getter Monthly
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Downliner replicator promoter all setup with your links
Unlimited Leads Storage
Unlimited Emails
Lead Capture pages and messages are setup and ready

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 #2. 30,000 visitors / month
in three short simple steps

Up to 30,000 visitors per month

The way to 30,000 visitors per month!
Here will reveal the steps to achieve substantial income.  
I have personally used this method for 5 years. 
And I have averaged about 28,000 visitors per month
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30,000 visitors - 6 Figure Blueprint

Step 1 Choose what you want to promote
any of the income streams on this page on your own link as noted above
Step 2 Link to Second Income Stream see table below
Step 3 Link to Third Income Stream see table below
Step 4 Understanding the hidden Fourth Income stream
Step 5 Duplicate  - Multiple Income streams using one link!
Step 2
Viral Mail Profits

* It saves you time
* It builds your downlines
* It builds your list
And bottom line...
* It makes you money

Mail up to  999 mailers
Schedule Mailings
Track Views
Analyze Results
Earn Commissions
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Step 3

We will deliver 
up to 1,022 visitors
to your websites 
every 3 days 

Join FREE NOW and get 100,000 FREE points!

Plus I will give you a free trafficadbar auto promoter
unlimited leads storage
autoresponders with messages
broadcast anytime

Join Traffic Ad Bar today and get Extreme website traffic. 
Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get FREE website traffic.
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 #3. Simple Text Adz
Mail to 774,520 members

Watch this video

Use the lead capture page I have created see SimpleTextAdz folder. 
It is averaging about one optin per 25 visitors!
I get about 2000 to 2400 visitors per solo ads mailings and I average about 9 mailings per month, therefore, I average about 20,000 visitors per month from Simple Text Adz!
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 #4. Superlist Explosion Traffic
Mail to 32,000 members
Upgrade and receive 30,000 credits every day

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Mail to 31,979 members
You can email as often as you want - no limits!

All members earn $20 per sale referred
Receive 30,000 credits every day

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 #5. Pangea
Mail to 120,000 members
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23 websites merged together to form the massive site

TO 117,251 MEMBERS!

 #6. 1TAE
Ads seen by 600,000 plus marketers

Your ads will repeatedly reach 660,000 members+ and MILLIONS of visitors.
Wait, it's actually MORE people now as some member's have put the adbar on THEIR sites.
That count is not an exaggeration from some new site owner to gain attention.
It takes DECADE(s) to build, not a few years to build something that larrge
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 #7. 1ProfitRing
Get traffic from over 1000 individual websites
Get 97% of the premium sales!

Get a $10 super bonus
Get traffic from over 1000 individual websites
Get 97% of the premium sales!

Get High Impact Advertising!

Make Money With Your Webpage passively
YOU KEEP THE SALE! You don't give it away = High Impact Income is NOW HERE
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 #8. HotSpotMailer
...Email as often as you want. 

Hello! Tired of being about to email your ads
once a week or once a day? 

Well look no more as the *HotSpotMailer* has
just opened its doors. Find the hotspots and
get even more people to email - easy. 

...Email as often as you want. 

...Unlimited Email Advertising & Unlimited Earnings. 

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Team Marketing

Watch this video
 What makes TheOnlineAdNetwork the BEST Team Site?
Anyone you refer is placed below under you,  however once you fill your level one with 3 members you are in profit plus you are now building your teams downline.
Since I have my level one filled, every one of my new signups are automatically building my downline and theirs also.
And the best part is my downline makes the same amount of commission on my referral
as they would have if they had referred them.

Deal of the Week

Global Viral Mailer Lifetime Special
Send email to 2000 members daily

Mail Daily to over 2000 members
10,000 Startup Mailing Credits
10,000 Monthly Credits
10,000 Monthly Banner Credits
10,000 Monthly Text Ad Credits
60% Commissions

$9 dollars one time payment

Join today 03/19/2017 and  receive 50,000 mailing credits bonus

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4 Marketing Tools
Referral Frenzy
Mail to 94 top sites
248,690 members
with a few clicks
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This is like having
your very own
"Super Power Solo"
at your fingertips
every time you are
ready to mail.
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Exclusive Offers!

EACH  Month Members
get the following:
15,000 Surf Credits,
80,300 Mail Credits,
199,500 Banners and
Texts Ads Monthly

All This Advertising, &
Access to The Mailing System!

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Marketing Tool
2. Banner and Url Rotators
Rotators on 5500 Sites and growing every day

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Marketing Tool
3. Banner Rotator MaryAnne Myers!

This is a 1 of a kind advertising site and a lucrative cash opportunity.
100% custom programmed site that is not sold elswhere and so you can ONLY get it HERE:
(Maryanne Myers, a nearly 20 year successful website network owner)
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Marketing Tool
 4. Free Marketing Ebooks


Team Elite Home Businesses 

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Instead of opting in below grab the Free HomeBusiness Hub above
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Marketing Tip from Joe Freyaldenhoven:

I do not promote sites that are in effect tool sites.
I promote income sites and then the tool site to those leads.

Example: I promote TheOnlineAdNetwork listed above and then promote TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as a tool for promoting.

Create a need and fill it.
Offer a great product like any of the sites above.
Then offer a great product TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom to promote it on autopilot

Finally this is the best part!
Each of the autoresponder messages for all of the sites above
 has a two part call to action.
1. Join the site
2. Use TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as the promoting tool

I believe you will be making more money from commissions paid to you
from  TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom than from the sites

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