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We are Team Elite Home Businesses
8100 Members
in our 4 Team Building Sites
43200 Thousand members
in our Ad Sites
225000 plus leads generated
1,166,545 monthly page views

Our Income streams on Autopilot
Each site listed has a complete autopilot funnel created for it.
With compelling lead capture pages fully editable
Autoresponder messages are ready to go
Broadcaster Available
All you do is plugin username
Load the autoresponder messages
Select a lead capture page and go.

Here is how these autopilot systems work!
First: You will see the link of your Sponsor in this page since
this is page for you to join under your Sponsor. 

Second: Browse the list below and
make notes of the sites joined and
note the sites you are an existing member.

 Click on My Personal info Tab at your Dashboard
(see image below) on the top left and enter your Username or UserID  in the space provided. )
Click on the question mark for details when to add Username or UserID

Third: After you have added your username/userIDs,
 your Referrals will see your links on this page and join under you.

Hottest Income Earners

Commissions will be 1 per cent per level through level 21

Free members are upgraded to Silver lifetime members 
Free members are upgraded to Silver lifetime members 
21 level Matrix
A matrix is an excellent leads and earning site provided it is managed properly.

Bonus #1 Ad Credits in Dollars for purchasing banner and text ads
Silver $2.00     Gold $4.00     Platinum $20.00     Diamond $60.00

Bonus #2 Epin Codes for PIF Codes to upgrade Free Members to Silver
Silver 5        Gold 10        Platinum 50        Diamond 150

Members earn commissions up to 21 levels depending on membership access

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Brian Rooney the owner of TheOnlineAdNetwork does an excellent job of explaining its earning potential. 

So when you get spillover, you get the same commission as if you made the sale.  
Where have you seen that!

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Want to get seen by 650,000 members+ and MILLIONS of visitors a MONTH.

The advertising reach at 1TAE is not in existence ANYWHERE in our arena today,
and it wont be to this degree for a very long time.
It takes DECADES to build this,
which is an established advertising network
with an owner who has a 2 DECADE history of ownership.

This is just the network of websites in my ownership
Also get shown on 607 other sites!
That is even more people. This is massive... massive... advertising.


The Global Domains International "Income for Life" opportunity combines a complete domain package with the ability to earn commissions and bonuses for referring other customers.

Global Domains International

As an affiliate, you earn commissions and become eligible for bonuses for every new affiliate you refer; you also earn commissions on every new affiliate your referrals refer, every new affiliate your referrals' referrals refer, and so on for five levels. To learn more about our Affiliate program, watch a brief animated presentation.

The $10 a month package includes .WS domain registration, hosting, 10 email addresses, URL forwarding, and an easy-to-use online WebSite builder that will allow you to get a professional looking WebSite online as quickly as possible. Every new affiliate receives a seven-day FREE trial!

Yesterday alone,
2,414 people from 137 different countries became affiliates.

Since 1998, we’ve shown over 15 MILLION men and women,
in more than 190 countries worldwide,
how to create a 24/7 income stream! 

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Learn how to build your lists using free traffic sources.

We provide you with everything you need to start building your business and earning a true and significant income online.
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-->This helps build

This is a...
::: New Search Engine
::: Traffic Block Surf <--- a="" newly="" created="" type="" of="" traffic="" exchange="" span="">
::: Cutting Edge Safelist
::: 6 Way Income Earner

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Hottest Multiple Stream Sites
Free Complete Home Business benefits:
Unlimited Autoresponders
Lead storage
Stunning lead capture pages
All the tools you need
14 streams of income on autopilot
300+ advertising streams with promo codes and special offers
Resellers are paid at 4 levels within 24 hours
Mentoring for fast track start

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Hello Everyone,  this is Gary Page (the ole dude in pic with white shirt...LOL)   
Welcome to YOUR new T.E.A.M.  Together as a unit we can all succeed.
Grab your free account today and get started

Highest Income Team Build
by our Cruise Specialist Grace E Booth
Copy the link above into your browser to protect the embedded link

World’s fastest growing Cruise Membership Club
Featuring our Team Leader
Grace E Booth Cruise Specialist
Watch this video and Get the Details

Refer 5 Members who stay active. 

 Refer 5 Members, $100 membership fee waived monthly, 
200 CDs deposited in your account. 

 As Members that you refer also become Partners 
and refer others we have a fantastic compensation plan 
that can reward you in a number of ways 
allowing you to actually “get paid to cruise”.

Extremely Popular Income Sites
How to Thrive in the current Economy
4Corners Alliance
What if you were part of a system that gave you multiple income streams and unlimited
earning potential?

I know that sounds hard to believe, but hear me out, because this is the real deal.
The 4Corners Alliance Group gives you the financial tools, training and guidance you need for
both yourself and the people you bring into the fold.

And this is a company that is growing faster than anything I’ve ever seen.
Check it out here:

We’re talking about a company that gives people rock solid, cutting edge financial products and
services, with stellar reputation and an elite support system designed for YOUR success.
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Your advertising will reach SEVERAL DIFFERENT "CAMPS" of interent marketers here. With it, you'll...

Get a $10 super bonus
Get traffic from over 1000 individual websites
Get 97% of the premium sales!
Get High Impact Advertising!
Get the safelist - or not, it's optional to use it/receive mail
Get Banner Advertising
Advertising Seed Packages <---- above="" beyond="" cool="" span="">
Build Your Nest Egg with us!
Make Money With Your Webpage passively
Get Webring Advertising

YOU KEEP THE SALE! You don't give it away = High Impact Income is NOW HERE!
Cash Stream Maximizer, putting it all together is live, get the details

List Building Site
A Text Ad Exchange
A Traffic Exchange

Plus these unique features:
Downline builder extraordinaire with 5 sponsor recommended programs
Add your own programs in place of your sponsor's
No emails from members
Lifetime banners
Lifetime text ads
Viral Ads System
Residual Referral Builder
Instant payments up to 150 per cent
Monthly Banner Ads added for Upgraded Members
Monthly Text Ads added for Upgraded Members

Earn credits from viewing Text Ads, Banner Ads, Login Ads, Premium Ads, Block Ads, Ads Plus Ads, Featured Ads Plus Ads, Header Ads, Headline Ads, Fullpage Ads, and more...

Watch the video and get all the details, especially about the unique features Click Here

Sell the hottest commodity!
Instantly reach more visitors online, and dramatically increase your daily website trafficusing our advanced viral traffic system. The Leased Ad Space platform delivers traffic, every single person or business trying to make money online needs website traffic, without traffic your business is dead in the water!

No tricks. No gimmicks. Don’t waste your precious time bidding on keywords or hunting down traffic sites that only deliver junk traffic. Our system is simple, fast, and effective. For one flat rate, your ads are delivered to high quality visitors on thousands of pages all across the internet.

Plus... all traffic purchasers get a permanent public profile page that they can post their own content to at any time.
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Most Popular Income Ad Sites

Most Popular Scheduler Mailer Sites

Most Popular Banner and Bar Sites
Want to receive commission payments from
VitalViralPro, TrafficAdBar and ViralMailProfits without advertising any of them!

Try this - been doing this for years!

I take any lead capture page url and go to ViralViralPro and create a smart url.
I copy that smart url and go to TrafficAdBar and add it as a website.
Then I take the Cloaked url from TrafficAdBar and
add it as the url to advertise at ViralMailProfits.  
ViralMailProfits creates a new link and you have

a link with an TrafficAdBar plus VitalViralPro adbar
plus a ViralMailProfits adbar each one earning you ad credits and sales.
Always check your conversion before and after adding the adbars and
make adjustments as necessary to keep your conversion up.

Then add your commissions each month from the three sites
and you will be very hesitant to remove them.
You may already use traffic exchanges or you may have tried them before and concluded
they were a waste of time - I know many people have reached that conclusion. But I know
they work and I also know that very few people who've tried traffic exchanges have
really known how to use them effectively.

I use a site that helps me build downlines in many of the traffic exchanges simultaneously
and I have to tell you, it's awesome.

It might be time to take another look at traffic exchanges - as long as you use them
with this site: Details here
We will deliver up to 1,022 visitors to your websites every 3 days for FREE.

Join NOW and get 100,000 FREE points!
Plus I will give you a free trafficadbar auto promoter
unlimited leads storage
autoresponders with messages
broadcast anytime

Join Traffic Ad Bar today and get 100% totally FREE website traffic.
Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get FREE website traffic.
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Banner and Url Rotators 

Rotator Runs 24/7 On 5,500+ SITES! Over 113,705,019 Views in our First 292 Days!

Change URLs anytime!

The traffic you get is PERFECT for signups into your affiliate programs
Details here

That's Right --

Now you can get YOUR AD on HUNDREDS of High Traffic
sites for a ONE TIME SUPER LOW COST...

5 Banners for an ENTIRE YEAR.

NEW GOLD Banner ROTATOR FOR 5 Websites - Change Anytime - Weekly Stats eMailed

Worldprofit has set up a Mega Banner ROTATOR System on our
HIGH TRAFFIC SITES and over 500 others that you must see!

We have opened a few packages that will rotate with NO LIMITS
for ONE FULL YEAR for your 5 URLs! Change them anytime.

BONUS: Your URLs will even run in our Diamond Rotator Sites!
Details here

(high ticket affiliate marketing)

This groundbreaking new book reveals how to transform your life and earn an income using the HTAM method
(high ticket affiliate marketing).

Most traditional business models are flawed and why high-ticket affiliate marketing is the best business model for personal and financial freedom.

You’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing including: the first things you need to do to get started, how affiliate links work, how to get fast results by focusing on one traffic method, and the superiority of HTAM (high ticket affiliate marketing).

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The Right System

When You Get Involved With The Right System … And You Bring The Right Work Ethic, The Right Spirit, And The Right Attitude, I Really Believe That Anyone Can Have Similar Success.

Success is right here, ready for you to take.
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Silver Masterclass
Our education system was developed over 100 years ago to train students to become dependable factory workers, who would show up on time, perform routine tasks, and not question their superiors. If you haven’t noticed, we’re in a new age (the Technology Age). You’ll learn how to “reprogram” your mind to take advantage of our New Economy and all the opportunities it offers.

You’ll learn:

  • how to model the “thinking patterns” of the world’s most successful business owners and entrepreneurs

  • how to value your time and laser-focus on high-level activities that will grow your business exponentially

  • how to overcome “learned helplessness” and take ACTION

  • how to reprogram your mind for success, and set “impossible” goals and achieve them

Watch short video get the Details

We have the above 25 income streams on autopilot now

Are you ready to go?
If you are not a member of TeamEliteHomeBusinesses
Click Free Starter Account Here


If you do not see your favorite site that you are promoting no problem,
contact Joe Freyaldenhoven at 
and tell Joe what site you want to add to the list.

Go here to watch short video and 
browse the Home Business Experts Home Page Here

Marketing Tip from Joe Freyaldenhoven:

I do not promote sites that are in effect tool sites.
I promote income sites and then the tool to make it succeed.

Example: I promote TheOnlineAdNetwork listed above and then promote TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as a tool for promoting.

Create a need and fill it.
Offer a great product like any of the sites above.
Then offer a great product TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom to promote it on autopilot

Now for the better part!
Each of the autoresponder messages for TheOnlineAdNetwork has a two part call to action.
1. Join the site
2. Use TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as the promoting tool

Finally this is the best part!
Each of the autoresponder messages for all of the sites above
 has a two part call to action.
1. Join the site
2. Use TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as the promoting tool

I believe in 6 months or less you will be making more money from commissions paid to you from  TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom than from the sites

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