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If you did not watch the Overview Video here it is again

To make money online you must have the tools and knowledge that
will give you a substantial advantage a Major League Advantage

Let us help you create and build your successful Home Business
with our Quick Start Business Systems and Tools

This site is an automatic Replicator 
and that unique feature is what makes this site most powerful.

Let me explain automatic replication. 
When you enter your username(ID) into the fields at MY PERSONAL INFO tab at your dashboard, 
your referrals will see your links for all the lead capture pages, landing pages plus all the available email autoresponse messages. 

This site becomes your site - that is the power of automatic replication.
(Most important for you to build your business)
First Quick Start!

Get Setup with our Quick Start Leads and Income Engine

 Quick Start up to 150,000+ unique visitors per month

See the Charts below - I average 180,000+ visitors per month 

My Results:
Step 1 and 2  Visitors             Step 3 Visitors

As you can see above my visitors to my lead pages exploded
when I started using Quick Start.  
Steps 1 and 2 Quick Start Visitors - 30,000 to 115,000 or more per month!
Step 3 Quick Start Visitors  - addons for more visitors
That is over 140,000 visitors per month and my leads and income have done very, very well.
Note: I am getting 180,000 visitors per month with this Same Quick Start
and yes I am upgraded!


 QuickStart will generate 5,000 to 180,000 or more unique visitors per month and up to 1800 leads per month or more!

You will receive commissions at The Downliner, TeamEliteHomeBusinesses, TrafficAdBar and up to 36 other sites!

The ONLY system on the internet that GUARANTEES every view you get is unique!*

The ONLY system with its own Community Downline Builder where YOU decide what we list

Watch this video

QuickStart Simple Setup


Step 1 
Team Elite Home Businesses = TEHB
Grab your Free Team Elite Home Business Replicator Account 
You will have 90 days to upgrade

This is where you will store your leads
and communicate with them via all the tools provided
This will be your business hub! QuickStart Super leads engine

1. Upgrade to Gold replicator promoter click here 

Upon upgrading at TEHB to Gold you will receive:

 Gold Membership at TeamEliteHomeBusiness 
 Pays 30% on level one
 Unlimited Leads Storage
 Unlimited Emails
 Create unlimited lead capture pages
 Broadcast to your leads

Step 2 
Join the Downliner

Register at Downliner as free member click here 

Generate up to 24,000 visitors per month just
by taking advantage of the power of The Downliner

that is linked to over 18600 traffic resources!

Plus  receive commissions at The Downliner and TeamEliteHomeBusinesses

The ONLY system on the internet that GUARANTEES every view you get is unique!*

The ONLY system with its own Community Downline Builder where YOU decide what we list!
Upgrade at the Downliner to Go Getter Monthly only $9.99 per month

Step 3 - Now pick some addons

Addon number 1
Add 1022 more visitors every 3 days
Join TrafficAdBar FREE NOW and get 100,000 FREE advertising points
TrafficAdBAr has built in link cloaker
Plus each time your adbar is shown you 
get 3 advertising points.

Remember I will show you how to setup your url links at TrafficAdBAr 
We will deliver up to 1,022 visitors to your url links every 3 days 
Join TrafficAdBar FREE NOW and get 100,000 FREE advertising points
Upgrade to earn up to 40% commissions


Finally,  one url link that will get you leads and sales in these 3 sites
Step 1 = Team Elite Home Businesses
Step 2 = The Downliner

Step 3 = Traffic Ad Bar
Everything will be furnished and setup on complete autopilot.


Addon number 2

Mail to 338,000 marketers

Colossal Traffic

-----> Get DIRECT exposure to 338,000+ people with the "COLOSSAL" Blaster.
-----> Get an astounding reach making your site available to 4 million people on the "POPPIN" Blaster.
-----> Get on this outstanding, lucative 2 tier program. Both tiers earn the same (NOT less on the 2nd one) PLUS one person can earn for you multiple times, or forever!

You can use submitters for free, and get an INSTANT text ad to all immediately (no credits on this site & it shows FOREVER)
Get the details

1. Upgrade at TEHB to Emerald replicator promoter click here

Upon upgrading at TEHB to Emerald you will receive:

 Emerald Membership at TeamEliteHomeBusiness 
 Pays 40% on level one
 Unlimited Leads Storage
 Unlimited Emails
 Create unlimited lead capture pages
 Broadcast to your leads

Addon number 3


Mail to 774,000 marketers

 Simple Text Adz
Here you can mail to 774,520 marketers.
 I spend 30 minutes three times per week and generate 5000 visitors per week with very high conversion since these are marketers.

Watch this video

Use the lead capture pages I have created see SimpleTextAdz folder. 
Get the Details

1. Upgrade at the Downliner to Pro Monthly only $19.99 per month

2. Upgrade at TrafficAdBar Click here

3 Upgrade at TEHB to Ultimate replicator promoter click here

Upon upgrading to Ultimate you will receive:

 Ultimate Membership at TeamEliteHomeBusiness 
 Pays 50% on level one
 Unlimited Leads Storage
 Unlimited Emails
 Create unlimited lead capture pages
 Broadcast to your leads


Your Lead Capture pages and messages are setup ready to go

There is no simpler and easier to setup way to earn online!
My 30 day refund policy applies:

Next - Check out our
Membership Options
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Then, You need traffic!
Pick for 10 top Sources
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Finally, browse 

Complete Home Businesses
These 5 Complete Home Businesses are part of the supernet funnel, and each of them has been proven successful by our members.

Click here for access

If you are looking for simple
Then click the World's
Simplest Income Machine
and Lowest cost to get started
Get the Details for Simplest Income Machine

Setup Information
How to Setup your ads?

Watch This QuickStart East Setup Video

How Our Supernet Funnel
with replicator agregator works

Important you understand:
QuickStart  2.0 3.0 and 4.0, 5 Home Businesses,
8 Traffic Sites and the
5 Tools are part of your replicated funnel, all the lead capture pages, autoresponses and other pages will be coded in with your referral links. That is the power of this feature!!!!!
You will be creating your business using a template that took me two years to assemble.

Simple and Easy Setup

Watch this video
How the supernet works
add your username and user ids
using multiple streams of income
where to find hundreds of linked lead capture pages
where and how to create your own lead capture pages
Affiliate Programs discussion
Step 1: When you click any link you will be taken to your sponsor's link 
since this is the page for you to join under your Sponsor. 

Step 2:  Browse the list below by scrolling all the way down 
make note of username or user ID of the sites you join
and also the sites that you are an existing member.

Each site on this page has a complete customized funnel created just for it.
Plus has compelling lead capture pages fully editable
Plus Autoresponder messages are ready to go
And our Broadcaster is also Available

 Step 3: Click on My Personal info Tab at your Dashboard
on the top left and enter your Username or UserID  in the space provided
for each of the sites that you have joined or are a member of.

Click on the question mark for details when to add Username or UserID

After you have added your username/userIDs,
 your Referrals will see your links on this page and join under you.

Prefer to Promote your site?
This video below is for you to use if you want to 
promote any site not listed in Step 3 
1. Create Lead Capture pages
2. Create Autoresponder Messages
3. Link and go
The process of promoting any url or site is simple as one two three
using all the free tools right here at TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom.
First you will create dazzling lead capture pages,
Next you will create autoresponse messages or copy them from your resource,

and finally you will link the lead capture pages to the messages add your redirect url and go.
Watch this video

Ultimate members add your business or link!  contact

9 Top Traffic Sources
These 8 Traffic Sources can generate up to 150,000 visitors per month!
These are the top rated traffic resources by our menbers.

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Marketing Tools 
These are must have free tools!
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Team Elite Home Businesses 

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