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Access to over 355 proven income streams
245000 plus leads generated
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Income streams on Autopilot
Each site listed has a complete autopilot funnel created just for it.
And has compelling lead capture pages fully editable
Plus Autoresponder messages are ready to go
Broadcaster is also Available

All you do is plugin your username or userID
Load the autoresponder messages
Select a lead capture page and go.

Here is how it works! 3 Steps
Step 1: When you click any link you will be taken to your sponsor's link 
since this is the page for you to join under your Sponsor. 

Step 2:  Browse the list below and
make note of username or user ID of the sites you join
and also the sites that you are an existing member.

 Step 3: Click on My Personal info Tab at your Dashboard
(see image below) on the top left and enter your Username or UserID  in the space provided. )
Click on the question mark for details when to add Username or UserID

Finally, after you have added your username/userIDs,
 your Referrals will see your links on this page and join under you.

I. Step by Step Training & Traffic
from these Resources

1. Want to learn how to market online?
Need Traffic, Leads, Income?
George Kosch and Sandi Hunter are the two that taught me how to market online.
When they took control of Worldprofitdotcom recently I went back to marketing there with a lot of gusto and the results have been excellent.

We will provide you will an array of tools for all your marketing needs.

>>> Work From Home >>>
Includes Affiliate Promotion Training Program FREE

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2. SFI - Strong Future
SFI is probably the best place for newbies to start the learning process. The available information at SFI is unrivaled.

Yesterday alone,
2,414 people from 137 different countries became affiliates.

Since 1998, we’ve shown over 15 MILLION men and women,
in more than 190 countries worldwide,
how to create a 24/7 income stream! 

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II. Free Email Marketing Tools 
I consider these two sites as MUST HAVE tools.
ViralMailProfits      ReferralFrenzy
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III. Free - Extreme Traffic
Up to 30,000 visitors per month 
Here is a snapshot of my results

We will deliver
up to 1,022 visitors
to your websites
every 3 days for FREE.

Join FREE NOW and get 100,000 FREE points!

Plus I will give you a free trafficadbar auto promoter
unlimited leads storage
autoresponders with messages
broadcast anytime

Join Traffic Ad Bar today and get 100% totally FREE website traffic.
Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get FREE website traffic.
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Deal of the Week

Global Viral Mailer Lifetime Special
Send email to 2000 members daily

Mail Daily to over 2000 members
10,000 Startup Mailing Credits
10,000 Monthly Credits
10,000 Monthly Banner Credits
10,000 Monthly Text Ad Credits
60% Commissions

$9 dollars one time payment

Join today 03/19/2017 and  receive 50,000 mailing credits bonus

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Instant Bitcoin Profits

What makes Instant Bitcoin Profits so revolutionary?


It is the first program of its kind that uses a totally automated signup and payment process.
Make just one payment and the system automatically pays 10 people.
No need to make multiple payments and do difficult and tedious copy and paste operations.
System guarantees that all payments are distributed correctly so member mistakes
does not influence on the program flow.
This makes it super simple to join and guarantees that the system keeps on running smoothly.
It is a revolutionary new way to build up your Bitcoin reserves.

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A one time payment of only 0.02 BTC makes you unlimited income for life!


Yep, just sign up and make a one time payment of only 0.02 BTC
and you are all set to receive bitcoins for life.
There are no more upgrades or levels to pay,
your one time payment is all that is needed.
You will simply receive a steady stream of bitcoin payments,
and because there are no more levels to upgrade, you will keep what you earn instead of having
to spend all your earnings to move up to new levels.
Earnings are unlimited as you will earn from everyone
that joins below you unlimited wide and 8 levels deep.
This is a truly revolutionary and groundbreaking system. Get started now!

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Bonus Free Classified Ads

Free Instant Access... Immediately
Over $250 worth of Ads when you signup

10 banners with 2000 views each
2 premium ad for 30 days
2 login ad for 100 views
10 Hotlink ads for 2000 views each
Promo Code: newmember
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Traffic and Income
TEWebstar     1ProfitRing    LeasedAdSpace   4Corners
How to Thrive in the current Economy
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Movers and Shakers

Simply click on the icons above and get the details

Top Income Producers
SFI  GDI  Tepays  1TAE  CommHubb  
ChewTheFatOff  YourWebBase  Hotspotmailer

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Access to over 350 proven income streams

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Advertising & Income
TheDownliner        MyPayingAds        MyPayingCryptoAds   

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Banner and Url Rotators 
Rotators on 5500 Sites and growing every day

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For Advanced Marketers
Get Paid to Cruise

by our Cruise Specialist Grace E Booth
Copy the link above into your browser to protect the embedded link

World’s fastest growing Cruise Membership Club
Featuring our Team Leader
Grace E Booth Cruise Specialist
Watch this video and Get the Details

Refer 5 Members who stay active. 

 Refer 5 Members, $100 membership fee waived monthly, 
200 CDs deposited in your account. 

 As Members that you refer also become Partners 
and refer others we have a fantastic compensation plan 
that can reward you in a number of ways 
allowing you to actually “get paid to cruise”.


HTAM High Ticket
(High  Income Affiliate Marketing)
Free Book               The Right System      Silver MasterClass

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 Grab your free Home Business Hub

Access to over 300 proven income streams

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If you do not see your favorite site that you are promoting no problem,
contact Joe Freyaldenhoven at 
and tell Joe what site you want to add to the list.

See what else we have before you leave

Go here to watch short video and 
browse Click Here

Marketing Tip from Joe Freyaldenhoven:

I do not promote sites that are in effect tool sites.
I promote income sites and then the tool to make it succeed.

Example: I promote TheOnlineAdNetwork listed above and then promote TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as a tool for promoting.

Create a need and fill it.
Offer a great product like any of the sites above.
Then offer a great product TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom to promote it on autopilot

Finally this is the best part!
Each of the autoresponder messages for all of the sites above
 has a two part call to action.
1. Join the site
2. Use TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom as the promoting tool

I believe you will be making more money from commissions paid to you from  TeamEliteHomeBusinessesdotcom than from the sites

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