400 Leads & 28 Opt-ins**
Added To Your List Every Day

Designed by marketers Michael Flores and Glenn Mangor, 
who have been in data compilation before the internet. 
Michael and Glenn have put together a site that has me in awe of its simplicity and power for marketers who need a start. 
Total automation, SERIALIZED autoresponders are storming the net!


Michael and Glenn do it for you and with one video to explain the whole process. 
1. 400 leads and 28 opt-ins ** added to your list every day 
2. Promote your site - use this system to funnel the leads to your site. 
3. 100 per cent referral bonus 
4. Broadcast to your prospects every day
5. Completely customizable 
6. Complete tools suite, SERIALIZED autoresponders, messages, etc
7. You get paid for all members in your downline regardless of who sponsored them -your upline builds your downline and you get paid.

See you inside!!   
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