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You can earn up to 100% in commissions at these sites
100%+ Commissions are reserved for only Founders Level members.
There are a limited number of Founders positions available
at each site.  When they are gone, they are...

About 100%+ Commissions

Let me explain 100%+ commissions so you understand
how unique and powerful this feature is and
how it benefits you like nothing you have ever seen.

Assume you are a Founders level member...
- You'll get 100% commissions on all front-end OTO's and offers  
- Plus commissions on advertising or upgrades by your referrals!  
- Plus you get all the commissions that would go to admin 
for all the members in your downline. 
We call it 100%+ commissions!

- Commissions are allocated by the
NUMBER of Commission-able Sales, and ORDER,

So let's look at a Gold member scenario...

- With 50% Commissions: there could be one OTO
worth $50 and an upgrade for $33,
then another upgrade for $77.  

Admin gets the OTO.
You get the $33 upgrade, then
Admin gets the next commission for $77.  
If there is another sale for, let's say Lifetime Banners
worth $50, YOU GET THAT $50.  

You see, it alternates.
- For 66% commissions, Admin gets 1, you get 2
- For 75% commissions, Admin gets 1, you get 3, etc.
If you were to upgrade to Platinum,
the Admin gets the OTO and
Results.  No BS.  Just the facts:
CashTrafficMachine now has 1110 members and 
has paid out $9700 in commissions to the members
in less than one month.
AdLeadProfits has over 2000 members
AdsClicksProfits has over 6000 members
EliteMarketersClub is a very fast growing site
We are paying thousands of dollars in Commissions
each week to members of these sites!
Signup free at any of these sites - Take the OTO,
and use promo code newmember
  • The promo code values vary from site to site
  • but the information below is typical:
  • 50,000 credits
  • 10,000 Viral Ad Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad
  • 10 Banner Ads with 1000 views each
  • 10 Text Ads with 1000 Views each
  • 5 Login Ads with 250 Views each
  • 2 Button Ad with 500 clicks each
  • 2 Block Ads with 500 clicks each
  • 2 Adsplus Ads with 500 clicks each
  • 2 Headline Ads with 500 Ads each
I suggest if you are a Founding member of any of
these sites take advantage of the power
of the 100+ percent commissions PLUS the Admin Share.


Rich Moyer
Owner and Admin
Commissions Unleashed
Your Lucky Fast Cash 
Giant Profit Ads 
Mad Cow Ads
Freedom Mails
Philadelphia PA TAE

This is an excellent opportunity site.
However, it is NOT a Pyramid or ponzi Scheme, MLM or a get-rich-quick program. 
Furthermore, it is NOT a matrix programs, or a multi-level marketing program.
Finally, we don't require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service.
We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service.
You won't get rich by using our internet advertising program.
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