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I take any lead capture page url and go to ViralViralPro and create a smart url.
I copy that smart url and go to TrafficAdBar and add it as a website.
Then I take the Cloaked url from TrafficAdBar and
add it as the url to advertise at ViralMailProfits.  
ViralMailProfits creates a new link and you have

a link with an TrafficAdBar plus VitalViralPro adbar
plus a ViralMailProfits adbar each one earning you ad credits and sales.
Always check your conversion before and after adding the adbars and
make adjustments as necessary to keep your conversion up.

Then add your commissions each month from the three sites
and you will be very hesitant to remove them.
You may already use traffic exchanges or you may have tried them before and concluded
they were a waste of time - I know many people have reached that conclusion. But I know
they work and I also know that very few people who've tried traffic exchanges have
really known how to use them effectively.

I use a site that helps me build downlines in many of the traffic exchanges simultaneously
and I have to tell you, it's awesome.

It might be time to take another look at traffic exchanges - as long as you use them
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