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Most important for your online business to protect your business.  Too few online marketers are protecting their businesses.  Here is what I see:  Online marketers realize that leads are the engine that drive their businesses, however when it comes to protecting those leads, they fall short, very short!
Let me explain:

We are all busy gathering leads and storing them at our favorite autoresponder sites.
We all get used to paying monthly for this autoresponder service and then unexpected events occur and wow we have to stop that payment for a couple of months and guess what we loose our leads and have to start over.
I highly recommend that you have a lifetime one time pay membership at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com and protect your leads with one time payment and you are done. Get the protection your online business needs.

Compare our membership Benefits! 
To determine your existing Membership level Do this:
1. Click on Affiliate Center Tab on Left Side of Dashboard
2. Then Click on Referrals and place the mouse over your icon and your information will be displayed.

Membership  Gold Emerald
Broadcast to leads and referrals  yes 14 days 6 days 3 days
Signup Ad Credits  390K 700K 900K
Mentoring 30 minutes 1on1 Sessions One Three Six
Leads Storage
Email capacity
Free Upgrade CashInOnBanners
50000 Credits Bonus plus Gold 
Upgrade at Top Apex Mailer
50000 Credits Bonuses plus Gold
Upgrade at Global Viral Mailer
The memberships are a bargain without reseller rights, however we have excellent pay plan Commissions    No sponsoring or selling required for all memberhips, but if you sell you will earn commissions.
Level 1 Commissions 30% 40% 50%
Level 2 Commissions 5% 7% 10%
Level 3 Commissions 5% 7% 10%
Level 4 Commissions 5% 7% 10%
Level 5 
 5% 7%  10%
1. Upgrade from Free to Gold
$47 one time payment

Free to Emerald
$77 one time payment

Free to Ultimate
$147 one time payment

2. Upgrade from Gold to Emerald
$30 dollars one time payment

3. Upgrade from Emerald to Ultimate
$70 one time payment

I monitor all payments and will immediately upgrade you and send you an email with your upgrade information and any bonuses

You may pay monthly. Unique Benefit:

Your monthly payments can be used to convert to lifetime paid memberships.
I will use the 20% rule.

That means when the sum of your monthly payments reach 120% of any existing lifetime level you will receive that lifetime membership and your monthly payments will stop!
Example: you are paying $9.95 per month for Emerald Membership and the one time pay is $77 for Emerald, when you have paid in 120% of $77 or 10 payments your account will be converted to Emerald Lifetime Paid. That is a deal!

Monthly Pay option using any Credit Card 
10 Payments
$5.95 per month
10 Payments
$9.95 per month
15 payments
$11.95 per month

One Time Lifetime - Pay with bitcoin

Gold Emerald Ultimate


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