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Top Traffic Sources
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This site is an automatic Replicator and that unique feature is what makes this site most powerful.  Let me explain automatic replication. 
Important Note:
As long as your userid for this list is placed in the field for these Traffic Sources, these Traffic Resources will be linked to your link at that Resource - part of our auto replicator.  
It behooves you to at least be a free member to protect your downlines.  To add your userids simply go to dashboard and Click on MY PERSONAL INFO Tab on the top left.

Top Traffic Sources
These 8 Traffic Sources potential = 100,000 visitors per month. 
Colossal Traffic
Mail to 338000 members
with 8 clicks

-----> Get DIRECT exposure to 338,000+ people with the "COLOSSAL" Blaster.
-----> Get an astounding reach making your site available to 4 million people on the "POPPIN" Blaster.
-----> Get on this outstanding, lucative 2 tier program. Both tiers earn the same (NOT less on the 2nd one) PLUS one person can earn for you multiple times, or forever!

You can use submitters for free, and get an INSTANT text ad to all immediately (no credits on this site & it shows FOREVER)
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#2 Laser Targeted Traffic

We Will Add Your URL To Our Network Of High Traffic Websites That Generate Millions Of Hits Every Month And Leave It There For The Duration Of Your Campaign!

Get a steady flow of visitors delivered daily! 
Sorry, we can't make the claim to to send "Millions" as some do, but our visitors are 
"Real" humans looking at your site, no fake robot hits here. 
In fact a lot of our traffic comes direct from search engines. 
Millions of fake hits do you no good. 
Robots can't sign up or make purchases.

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#3 - 30,000 visitors / month
in three short simple steps

Up to 30,000 visitors per month

The way to 30,000 visitors per month!
Here will reveal the steps to achieve substantial income.  
I have personally used this method for 5 years. 
And I have averaged about 28,000 visitors per month
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30,000 visitors - 6 Figure Blueprint

Step 1 Choose what you want to promote 
any of the income streams on this page on your own link as noted above
Step 2 Link to Second Income Stream see table below
Step 3 Link to Third Income Stream see table below
Step 4 Understanding the hidden Fourth Income stream
Step 5 Duplicate  - Multiple Income streams using one link!
Step 2
Viral Mail Profits

* It saves you time
* It builds your downlines
* It builds your list
And bottom line...
* It makes you money

Mail up to  999 mailers
Schedule Mailings
Track Views
Analyze Results
Earn Commissions
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Step 3

We will deliver 
up to 1,022 visitors
to your websites 
every 3 days 

Join FREE NOW and get 100,000 FREE points!

Plus I will give you a free trafficadbar auto promoter
unlimited leads storage
autoresponders with messages
broadcast anytime

Join Traffic Ad Bar today and get Extreme website traffic. 
Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get FREE website traffic.
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#4. The Downliner
Expose your link
Watch this video

Do you want your site shown on thousands traffic sites?
One text ad generates on average 130 visitors per month I run 100 text ads
I get about 24000 visitors per month from this site.

To date we have generated 47,591,818 real views to our members sites and 
blocked 3,298,892 bad sources of traffic to increase your productivity!

Unlike any other traffic generation system you can even post
to without using your Social Account!

The ONLY system on the internet that GUARANTEES every view you get is unique!*

The ONLY system with its own Community Downline Builder where YOU decide what we list!

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 #5. Pangea2
Mail to 120,000 members
Watch this video

23 websites merged together to form the massive site

TO 117,251 MEMBERS!

 #6. Referral Frenzy

If you are frustrated with your advertising results,
I want to share a site with you that has
all the right answers.

First of all, mails do still work best for getting sign ups and earning commissions.

Referral Frenzy gives you the ability to mail to 89 top sites with just a few clicks!

Now imagine how many more people you will reach in less time,
and how much better your results will be.

You get live stats for your mails results and can easily see when you can mail again.

To give you a great boost in your advertising as well you will get a monthly advertising package
that you can claim in the bonus area!!

You will receive 89,200 mailer credits, 16,950 surf credits, 224,600 banner credits
and 224,600 texts credits from 98 sites.

 #7. 1TAE
Ads seen by 600,000 plus marketers

Your ads will repeatedly reach 660,000 members+ and MILLIONS of visitors.
Wait, it's actually MORE people now as some member's have put the adbar on THEIR sites.
That count is not an exaggeration from some new site owner to gain attention.
It takes DECADE(s) to build, not a few years to build something that large
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 #8. 1ProfitRing
Get traffic from over 1000 individual websites
Get 97% of the premium sales!

Get a $10 super bonus
Get traffic from over 1000 individual websites
Get 97% of the premium sales!

Get High Impact Advertising!

Make Money With Your Webpage passively
YOU KEEP THE SALE! You don't give it away = High Impact Income is NOW HERE
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 #9 Simple Text Adz
Here you can mail to 774,520 marketers.
Over 50% of my income comes from SimpleTextAds
Solo Network ads. I spend 30 minutes three times per week and generate 6000 visitors per week with very high conversion since these are marketers.

Watch this video

Use the lead capture page I have created see SimpleTextAdz folder. 
It is averaging about one optin per 25 visitors!
I get about 2000 to 2400 visitors per solo ads mailings and I average about 3 mailings per week, therefore, I average about 24,000 visitors per month from Simple Text Adz!
And as noted above over half of my income from this one source.
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