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This site is an automatic Replicator 
and that unique feature is what makes this site most powerful.

Let me explain automatic replication. 
When you enter your username(ID) into the fields at MY PERSONAL INFO tab at your dashboard, 
your referrals will see your links for all the lead capture pages, landing pages plus all the available email autoresponse messages. 
This site becomes your site - that is the power of automatic replication.
(Most important for you to build your business)

Joe Freyaldenhoven here, owner and manager of Team Elite Home Businesses 5 years ago, 70 of us got together and created this site just for people like you and me. Over these 5 years many marketing teams were created and are still going strong. In the last two years I have been on a journey to create a SuperNet Funnel for you. As we approach our 5 year anniversary and 5000 active members I want to share the value of Membership here and the unique features we offer:

1. Online marketing bootcamp
If you do not know how to market online then the only way I know for you to get the basic training and knowledge necessary is by taking

George Kosch's boot camp for marketers.
As I noted in the video I referred to Capture Pages 
Those links have been moved to the GETTING STARTED GUIDE

Top Traffic Resources

Must Have Free Tools

QuickStart Feature Up to 150,000 visitors
Simplest Income Machine

Pick and Choose from 5 complete Home Businesses
Access to 43 sites on autopilot  

All pages are full editable by you, for you to build your business online.
Remember the most powerful feature of this site is automatic replication! The lead capture and setup pages become your replicated pages and your leads see your links and become your referrals - (Most important for you to build your business)
All tools are provided with pre written autoresponses plus lead capture pages
TeamEliteHomeBusnessesdotcom is dynamic in that I tweak it on a daily basis to keep the conversion high. This is also my main source of income and we have many other depending on the income from this site to meet their financial needs.
7. The Dashboard very simple to navigate and I tied the coders hands. I made TeamEliteHomeBusinesses user friendly not coder friendly.

Now go Step 2 of 8 steps of the Setup instructions contained in the Getting Started Guide

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