The global network is a virtual space where various data is stored, where you can contact your friends, where you can download a movie or a game. People buy goods here, draw up documents, plan trips, and read reviews. That is why entrepreneurs see the Internet as a way to expand their customer base. Hence the need to design, create, and promote websites.

But how can you increase traffic to your resource so that it brings you good income? Starting to promote and optimize your website in search engines (Internet marketing is the main direction here) means applying a combination of several elements that can push your resource to the top.

What is the basis of website ranking? Search engines scan the entire global network, sending all the information collected about all resources to the data warehouse. The information is organized using mathematical operations, and then the address of the search source is determined, where a specific link is attached to any request. A person only needs to type a word or phrase, and the system will display a list of relevant resources (from the most popular to the least visited). Leading positions of the entire page are a very important aspect of website promotion on the Internet.

When distributing resources, the search program works with different parameters:

  • How long the resource has been working.
  • The amount of data.
  • Thematic focus.
  • Number of keywords or phrases, etc.

Pros and cons of website promotion on the Internet


  • An increased percentage of the ratio of the number of clicks on the website address to the number of its impressions.
  • People are convinced of the reliability of the information provided.
  • Reasonable costs of promotion.
  • Expansion of the customer base.


  • You need to have a good amount of patience and time.
  • Constant control over the resource, its maintenance and updating,
  • The results of work are influenced by the principles of search engines, the activities of specialists, and so on.