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Hi, my name is Roger and I created this blog for those who want to learn how to promote their sites and increase traffic. In today’s world, it is important not only to create a quality website, but also to attract visitors to it. In my blog, I share my knowledge, experience and proven methods to help you succeed in this area.

I believe that website promotion and traffic building is not only a science, but also an art. In my articles, I review various strategies such as search engine optimization, content marketing, social media and paid advertising. I break down each topic in detail, providing practical tips, step-by-step instructions and advice so you can apply that knowledge to your site.

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About SEO promotion

What search engines pay attention to On the "authority" of the site in search engines affects a lot of factors, and external links - only one of them. Let's see what else the algorithms pay…

How to promote a site without links

The mandatory task of any business website is to bring in new customers for the business. But in order to become customers, users must first get to that site. There are two ways a user…

What is SEO-audit and why do we need it?

Link promotion is one of the most effective methods of increasing the position of your site in search engines. The sites from which visitors go to your web page are called donor sites, and your…

Promoting your site with links


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