Free website promotion on the Internet is not a fairy tale! We have already written about this here. Here are six methods that will help you save money. Of course, we won’t surprise professionals, but this information will definitely come in handy for beginners.

Quality content
This is the most effective way to promote a website on the Internet that does not require any material investments. You just post unique content that can attract the masses without any effort. Such information always attracts attention and is shared with friends and acquaintances. It turns out that a web page promotes itself.

Correct internal optimization
Competent optimization allows a resource to take a leading position in the feed for rare keywords or phrases. This is a way to promote a website on the Internet that can provide you with high traffic, even if you have created it quite recently.
Correct linking gives good results if the resource contains more than a hundred pages of original content.

Promotion on services for bloggers
Webice and Grabr are the most famous services for bloggers. There are also communities here that can help you with independent website promotion on the Internet. Their requirements are more loyal. Such resources are a great way to draw users’ attention to your website.

Commenting on bloggers’ posts
Try to leave comments in several publications of well-known blogs or groups with a link to your resource for two or three weeks. The result will not be long in coming!

Exchange of posts
This is a very effective method of free website promotion on the Internet, but you should take into account a small nuance. In order to achieve the best results, you need to use an exchange called cross-posting.

If you have two resources A and B, and another user operates with content on C and D, then the exchange of posts should be carried out as follows: site A links to C, B links to D, and D links to pages A. A movement with a return to the starting point is formed. You post two posts, and you get two articles.

Guest posts on blogs
This is a free website promotion on the Internet that is carried out with the help of posts. It happens that bloggers do not prohibit posting such articles, which allows them to accumulate original texts on their own resource. In turn, you increase your traffic. You can include a couple of links leading to the same site in such content. It is better, of course, to discuss all the nuances with the blogger himself.