Even if the site has interesting, unique and useful content, it does not mean that the resource will be popular. Indeed, how will potential visitors learn about it? The competition in almost all spheres is incredibly high, which means you need to help search engines to allocate specifically your resource of hundreds of thousands of others. This uses the promotion of the site.

Once upon a time to promote a resource needed to buy links and write a huge amount of seo-texts, but now it is not enough. In the XXI century, the service has become a whole complex of in-depth analytical processes designed to solve a number of problems.

In the broadest sense, the promotion of the site – a set of actions whose purpose is to develop and increase the share of resource visibility in the search engines, attracting the maximum number of targeted visitors, turning them into buyers of goods and services.

A good Internet marketer is a free artist, though for promotion and used certain tools, but still the profitability of the site depends on the experience and imagination. The new site – new strategy and tools!

  • Excellence and meaningful content
  • The texts on the site will be optimized, unique, interesting and relevant. Can not be used is not readable keywords and text overpopulate them.
  • Good structure
  • When rozrobtsi structure of the site vrhotichovut yak zruchivost for korostuvachiv, and optimizatsiyu under search engines.
  • Quick loading of pages
  • Its users do not like to wait long for the page to be downloaded. Therefore, pages must be “light”.
  • Site Trust
  • Search engines love authoritative sites, which are requested by other resources similar topics.
  • Friendliness to users
  • The site must provide accessible and detailed information about their products or services, to show benefits, contain lots of photos and video-views, etc.
  • High level of usability (usability of the site)
  • Mobile adaptivity
  • Customers are increasingly pass on mobile devices, so the site must be adapted.
  • Using only natural suggestions (crowdfunding).
  • Regionalny spryamovannost site (locality)
  • Active work with social networks
  • Availability of HTTPS protocol