Targeted advertising is another effective way to attract traffic. The payment principle is similar to contextual advertising – for clicks, impressions or targeted actions. The main difference is that advertising materials can be placed directly in social networks:

  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • TikTok, etc.

One of the main advantages of targeted advertising is the flexible settings for the target audience who will see the ads. You can specify gender, age, interests, geolocation, marital status and more. Properly configured targeting is able to give an effect much better than contextual advertising.

There are several types of targeting advertising:

  • In social networks;
  • mobile targeting;
  • Content-targeted;
  • In the contextual-media network Google (CMN).

This is a display of advertisements aimed at a specific audience, which can be segmented according to the following parameters:

  • interests;
  • level of income;
  • gender, age and marital status;
  • education and profession;
  • geography or place of residence.

The parameters for targeting ads are determined by the data that social networks collect about their users. Different targeting settings are used for each social network. This tool allows you to quickly launch sales and get traffic, but it is worth remembering that the result depends directly on the quality of the target audience and the product offered.

These types can be combined, added or excluded to better reach the target audience.

The disadvantage of targeted advertising is similar to the previous method of promotion. As soon as you stop investing money, the flow of traffic stops.