A great way to attract traffic to your site is to publish content in the media and other venues. The principle is as follows:

  • You find a resource dedicated to your topic and with the same target audience.
  • You discuss the options of content placement or direct advertising, the cost and terms of cooperation.
  • You form the ToR and fill in the brief (optional).
  • You agree on the terms, pay for the placement, wait for the publication and get the traffic.

Some sites are ready to take on the creation of content. Others will publish your material without changes or with a small proofreading/editing. This is an effective method of increasing traffic, if you know how to work with content, find relevant sites for its placement and negotiate favorable conditions. The disadvantage is obvious: if you make a mistake with the choice of platform, or your material will be of low quality, all the efforts and money will go to waste. You will not get the expected flow of traffic.

Advertising from bloggers and Influencers

Collaborating with opinion leaders is another effective method of quickly attracting traffic to your site. You can find bloggers with a suitable target audience yourself or use special platforms. They will simplify the process of search and communication, but you will have to pay a commission.

The advantages of this method are:

  • Fast traffic attraction;
  • the ability to work by barter;
  • a wide choice of available advertising formats.

However, advertising with popular Influencers can be very expensive – more than $1,000 for a typical Instagram post. If you choose the wrong blogger or use the wrong format, the money will be wasted. No one will give you any special guarantees.