Referral traffic is a very important factor for SEO. With the right approach, it has a significant impact on positions in search results, and at the same time increases the growth of organic traffic. So if you want to achieve effective website promotion, work on increasing referral traffic must be combined with others (content creation, etc.). In combination, it will give a tangible result.

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic is the number of user clicks on links posted on third-party resources. The higher the attendance of your site (traffic) – the more successful it is. After all, the income of the company directly depends on this parameter.

However, it is not only the quantity but also the quality that plays a role. It is very important that the site went to “warm” interested users who are almost ready to buy your product or order a service.

If you just attract all in a row – people will come to the site and in a couple of seconds will leave. The traffic will be, but there will be no use for it. Therefore, its quality is also one of the most important conditions, because the result of the internet marketing campaign depends directly on it.

Where does referral traffic come from?

Depending on the source of referral traffic is of 2 types:

  • Natural. Users click on links posted on forums or social networks. This also includes those who come through links from mailing lists.
  • Paid. Users follow paid links posted in promotional articles, posts, etc.

Natural referral traffic is so called because it appears naturally (without your direct involvement). That is, you work on the site, you fill it with high-quality content, you make it original, you publish relevant and interesting information about your products or services. And users who like your web resource, share the link with their friends. And in different ways:

  • Send them the exact URL;
  • Advise them to look at some products or read interesting publications;
  • They repost it on their social networking accounts, etc.

They can also communicate in forums and other sites and as if casually recommend your site.

This is how natural referral traffic increases. And to keep it up or get even more visitors – just regularly add quality content that people will share with others.

Paid referral traffic is a classic link purchase. Here you already control the process yourself, so you need to carefully choose the sites where advertising articles and posts will be placed. After all, you need not just transitions, but transitions of the target audience, who will be interested in products/services and, perhaps, order something. Otherwise it will be a waste of money.