Website traffic is the total number of users who have moved to the web resource for a certain period: day, week, month, year, etc. In fact, it is traffic that serves as the main indicator of the site’s popularity, and the volume of sales directly depends on it. If we are talking about targeted traffic, of course.

Traffic = customers. This is the easiest way to explain why you need to attract traffic to your web resource. The more your target audience visits your site and interacts with your content, the higher your sales. Your brand awareness and status in the eyes of potential customers grows.

If you choose and use the right way to attract traffic to your website, you can get an active flow of interested customers even with a limited promotion budget.

How to get traffic to the website using SEO and content marketing

SEO promotion and content marketing are not the fastest, but they are effective and very profitable in the long term ways to increase traffic. Optimizing a website and publishing SEO-optimized texts (while being useful and interesting to the reader) allows you to reach the top of search results for key queries and firmly entrench yourself in the first positions, displacing your competitors.

SEO-promotion and content marketing combine to give excellent results:

Help your brand be visible, increasing its visibility among your target and near-target audiences.
Increase traffic, not only in the “here and now” but also in the long term.
Increase the base of contacts and subscribers, which is easier to turn into customers.
Increase the loyalty of the audience, as they help to solve the problems of the CA and answer the questions relevant to it.

The only significant disadvantage of these methods of attracting traffic is that the effect you will see far from immediately. Sometimes you need to be engaged in optimization and promotion for a few months to get the first significant volumes of traffic. That’s why we recommend combining these methods with contextual and targeting advertising, advertising from bloggers, etc.

Promotion in social networks is a good free way to attract traffic to the site. The main thing is to choose the sites with the most of your target audience. Here are just some of the options for attracting traffic:

  • Creating a publick and an official company page with links to the website;
  • Launching a channel in Telegram;
  • Blogging, which will link to your main resource.

In addition, you can use guest posting – publications in thematic publishers and blogs. If you agree on interpairing, this way of attracting traffic will also be free.

Compared to many other tools of communication with the target audience, email marketing is hardly the most convenient and fastest. However, in some cases, it is one of the best options.