Contextual advertising is a tool used to attract targeted customers who search for products and services through search engines.

Pay per click. You only pay when a user comes to your website through an ad. The price of the click is set depending on the keyword phrase at the request which shows the ad, your competitors’ rates, geography and other selected settings.

Media-context banner is placed to the right of the search results or to the right of the search results of the partner resource . This is a media format (banner), but the context principle of output: displays are bound to the search queries, distributed into thematic groups. Minimum order for the regions: 10 000 impressions.

Google AdWords – allows you to create ads, to be shown on the pages of relevant Google search results, as well as in the network of partner sites. Allows you to place text, media and product ads. Set up specific targeting (on the target audience) and a narrower geolocation (not just the city, but the area or a given perimeter).

Google Media Context Network – Banners of different sizes are shown on Google partner sites, according to the subject of the page. The relevance to the right topic is determined by the contextual principle (key queries from users).