Organic or SEO traffic is commonly referred to as visitors who came to the target site from search engines. In other words, we can say that this is the flow of targeted visitors who were attracted thanks to SEO promotion of the site. Search engines have been and remain one of the most important sources of traffic, and per user attracted, this channel is the cheapest compared to any other, such as contextual or banner advertising.

Building up SEO traffic does not exclude the use of other channels to attract visitors, but in comparison with them has a number of advantages.

  • Low cost of attraction per visitor. As a rule, taking into account the cost of the cost of optimizing the web resource, the price per visitor is several times less and, while maintaining a monthly budget for the promotion is reduced, as traffic over time is growing. The latter will remain at the level, even if you completely stop funding. However, it will then begin to fall due to the displacement of the web resource from the issuance of competitors.
  • Predictability of SEO traffic. The number of visitors from search engines is stable and may occasionally be subject to minor seasonal fluctuations, depending on the subject of the web resource and the characteristics of the target audience.
  • A high level of trust in the resource among potential clients. The site from the top of the search engine is much more trustworthy than, for example, presented through contextual advertising. High positions of the web resource indicate to the target visitors that it has been working for a long time and plans to continue for a long time.

This is why most serious business projects still focus their strategy to get visitors on SEO-optimization. SEO-traffic is able to provide the necessary flow of users for the successful development of business, but does not exclude the use of other channels, for example, for safety net, to obtain additional customers during a seasonal decline of interest or at the initial stage of promotion works.